Bonus Hunting and Its Concepts of Casino Streaming


What is Bonus Hunting?

Bonus hunting is a concept which is associated with finding an advantage for players in the slot games. As the name says, players hunt for the bonus games and free spins. According to the new trend in bonus hunting, the players play the game until the bonus round is triggered. There is a trick behind bonus hunting which is used by many online slots gamers and streamers.

While bonus hunting, if the bonus round gets triggered, the players exit the game before the round start, thus saving it at a bonus hunt round. Then the players play the games later with viewers watching the bonus round over the stream.

In the bonus hunt, the streamers ask the people for guessing the outcomes of the bonus hunt. Everyone can drop a comment and participate in the bonus hunt streaming. The streamers sometimes also take requests by the viewers on which game to play.

CasinoGrounds Streamers



Bonus Hunt was not a thing until someone started doing in on their stream and then the other streamers followed. The concept became popular among Casino ground streamers, who started engaging their viewers and taking them on a journey from picking the games to play, triggering the games, collecting them, to opening them later.

How to win as a viewer

The streamer offers cool prizes or 10% of their streams if you guess the outcomes correctly. It makes bonus hunts immensely popular as the viewers can participate and have a chance to win if the streamer wins. Makes the viewing experience much more entertaining.

From giving away prizes and a part of the winning to one player, the streams sometimes go with the flow and give away multiple shares and prizes. Special charity events and fun challenges also happen on such streams while the streamers hunt for bonuses.

The two popular bonus hunt approaches

The raw balanced approach

The original bonus hunting is called the raw balanced approach, where the bonus hunting starts with a raw balance and has no bonus money involved. In this, the streamers risk their own money which makes the game more genuine and thrilling. There are no free spins and perks involved in this approach. It becomes more entertaining to watch a streamer start from nothing and hitting big bonuses and wins, which gathers more viewers and participants.

The feature approach

The feature approach is a shortcut to the bonus rounds by purchasing them directly in the game. The streamers purchase the bonus rounds and also get a guaranteed bonus. While this sounds obvious, it assures the viewers that there will be a bonus reveal in the stream for sure, which is not the same case with a raw balanced approach.