Hunting The Best Casino Bonuses

Different casinos offer different bonuses. Some casinos offer the basic deposit bonus and some free spins. Others offer everything from the free spins to the VIP packaging. Below we will take a look at some of the bonuses that most casinos offer on regularly.

The Casino Bonuses

The first thing most casinos are going to do is offer free spins. It is their way of encouraging players to keep playing at their tables. Other terms for the free spins include cash spins. bonus spins, extra and welcome spins, and wager-free spins. Players need to know the different names associated with the free spins, in case a different name pops up. Now, some of the free spins do come with a wagering requirement. That means players have to play the bonus a few times before the money can be withdrawn. Players are encouraged to make sure that free spin is a “free spin”. Players are also encouraged to find out the cashing limit. Players who withdraw too much during the cashing out time could be penalized. When it comes to withdrawals, ensure you are aware of the differences in processing time and payment options that makes some casinos offer faster payouts then others.

No Deposit Bonus

Yes, it is true. Players do not have to deposit anything to play. Players will get the bonus once they sign up on the site. The great thing about the money is a player can gamble for free. That is perfect for players who are new to the site and games. The only thing players do have to watch is withdrawing the money. That means you cannot withdraw the money. Players who are allowed to withdraw the money might need to fulfil some wagering requirements first. You need to watch that. Some players have had to find out the hard way. Players also have to keep in mind that the wagering is much higher online than it is with a land-based casino. The other issue(for some players) is the time is very limited. Some players only get one hour and others get one day. Others might get something in between.

The Welcome Bonus

This is an exciting offer for many first-time players. The welcome bonus is offered right after the player signs up( if the casino has one). After you make an initial deposit, the casino will match it(usually between 100-200%). The welcome bonus can be used for different games at different levels. Players are encouraged to(once again)check the wagering requirements. You also have to check on when the money can be withdrawn.

The Monthly Deposit Bonus

Players who play professionally and regularly can get a bonus. Amateurs can get one too. The idea is to give it to players who are on the site all the time. Players who are not on the site more than once or twice a month are not going to get one. Think of it as another encouragement to keep playing. Competition is fierce right now. Everyone is trying to compete to nail the most fish in the pond. Players who get a monthly bonus should use it.

Five Tips On How Players Can Maximize Their Winnings With A Bonus

1) Pick your bonus based on the type of player you are. Do you prefer a low-key lifestyle? Do you like to risk low bets due to uncertainty? You should choose a bonus that offers that option. That means that if you are not a risk-taker, you should stay away from casino bonuses that offer that.

2) Players should always read the terms before they agree to play. Some casinos( will undoubtedly) sneak something in that works in the casino’s favour, not yours. Read over everything to make sure that this is the right move. Get someone else to read the same content. That way you have a fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes you miss things that other people pick up.

3) Players should consider the terms for wagering. Some casinos are going to contribute something(even if it is a small amount). Other casinos are not going to contribute anything at all. Some players are okay with that, and others are not. You should choose something else if you are not okay with the casino contributing next to nothing for your wagering requirements.

4) The “advantage player” is someone who exceeds their maximum stake. The casino will call you on it too. Players who take advantage of the casino’s kindness could get locked out.

5)The final tip is knowing that you can decline something. Players are allowed to decline a bonus if they choose. The casino is not going to think less. Declining something means you are waiting for something better to come along( and there is no harm in that).