Tips & Tricks on Maximizing Payouts from Slots Games

Slots Games

Slot machines provide the highest edge to the casinos and the lowest chances of winning. But we cannot overlook the fact that slots can also be the quickest way to win biggest jackpots if your luck just works out sooner. Slot machines are designed for entertainment purpose and have the potential of big jackpots if the right combinations are activated. While it is just a game of luck, the legends always speak of the tricks they use to bring the odds in their favour. Here are the ten tips and tricks used by gamblers to maximize their payouts.

Alter your bets often

The slot machines can sometimes pay out a lot of smaller amounts or few larger amounts. It is dependent on how many bets you make. If you keep altering your bets to check what kind of amounts the online slot machine wants to pay out and then choose to play on the one with maximum possibility.

Look at the number of pay-lines


The pay lines are the numbers or symbols which line up to offer the bonuses and jackpots. Check out what kind of pay lines a slot uses. Some only offer straight pay lines while other slots can offer different patterns which can increase your chances of winning.

Know when to use Max-bet

Max-bet is the limit for the bet you can make in a slot game. There is a separate button for a max bet which will place all the bets for you automatically without any effort from your side. But it is not always wise to hit max-bet as it helps in nothing but putting large amounts of money altogether. The only slots to use max bets are the ones with progressive games. Otherwise, you are only losing your back roll quicker.

Set limits

Do not be greedy and try to win it all at once. Set your winning and losing limits and know when to stop. You can get carried away easily in the hope of one more win, but it can make you come back to where you started from or even lower. Schedule your budget and leave the game when you have made the planned wins and losses.

Know the payout percentage



Check the machines for payout percentage. Each slot has different software and program to run it. Most slot machines are designed to payout 80% to 98% of the water. Choose the ones with the higher RTP (Return to Player) money.

Spend time building your bankroll

You need discipline and a strong foundation to build your slot win empire. With any casino game, your foundation is your bankroll, and you cannot play with full freedom if you do not have enough. It is important that you take your time in playing small at the early stages of the slots gaming to keep your bankroll balanced.