Hunt Wolves and Win Big Bonuses in the Most Entertaining Slots Game – Wolf Hunters


Wolf Hunters – The most popular 5-reel and 20 paylines digital slot game to go on an epic adventure of hunting down the werewolves and winning bounty bonuses. Prepare your hunting gear and silver bullets to hunt some wolves. An entertaining game, made by BitStarz slot. For an in-depth review of Wolf Hunters Slot, we have a great article here. Enter the world of medieval town guarded by you and your hunter sibling. Protect the town from ferocious werewolves and save the town from the disaster they can create. Get rewarded for each wolf kill and start filling up your bounty bad today.

How to play

The game revolves around a story of a town which needs protection from the wolves. It is a quest-based adventure which has different milestones of bonuses and free spins. Every time you spin the reels and land on a wolf symbol, the symbol expands, and an epic battle takes place between a wolf and you – the hunter. One makes it alive from the fight, and you are always rooting for the hunters. Each wolf death gives 1 rage point to the hunters and reduces 1 health for the wolf.


When the wolf reaches 0 health, you will unlock 10 free spins called Slayer free spins. In the free spins, all the wolf symbols are wilds and expand. If you fill-up the hunter’s rage bar, you will unlock 10 Hunters free spins. You can win as much as possible and unlock the power-ups for your hunters which will help you to win future battles.

It is a progressive slot game where the stronger your hunters grow the more chances you will have to get bonus spins and bigger rewards. The stronger your hunters become, the easier it will be to defeat the wolves and grow the wilds. It will trigger your Slayer free spins faster.

Hunting Wolves for Epic Bounties



Being a hunter also has its perks. You will be rewarded by the villagers for the bravery and for saving their town from wolf invasion. The max you can win from a single spin in Wolf Hunters is 15,000 coins, but with free spin modes you can rack up your winning quacking by spending less. So try to hit that slayer free spin to get the max benefits of playing this slot. The only way to win big in this game is to keep spinning the reels and keep hunting the wolves to win the battles and get rewarded from the villagers.

Land the Bonus Round

The Bonus Hunter Mode gives you an over the top game with 10 free spins to add to your racks of winnings. In the Bonus Hunter Mode, the hunters battle the wolves more frequently and also have a higher chance of winning in every spin. To get into the Bonus Hunter Mode, you need to land two hunter symbols anywhere on the reels. Get involved in this never-ending and addictive experience and start winning real money.