The Best Horror Slot Machines

As observers of our blog realize, we are Wolf Hunter Slot fanatics. We simply love the Werewolf theme, the haunting music, the multiple respins, and the great payouts. But though we are diehard Wolf Hunter fans, occasionally we need a brief break from the game, but that doesn’t mean we stop playing slots. Therefore, we’ve selected a few alternate slots to try in the vein or Horror Slot machines. While few will approach the thrill of the Wolf Hunter, you just may find these slots to be a decent closed

Blood Suckers

Going on the assumption that Werewolf lovers would also be enamoured with Vampires, we chose Blood Suckers by Net Entertainment to represent the Vampire Segment. The first thing we noticed is the music. While the music does not run continuously as it does in Wolf Hunter, there is a haunting familiarity to the harpsichord as you get paid for getting wilds, or how the music pauses as two bonuses show up and you are waiting for one or two more to show up. The music is fairly hypnotic and you could practically play with your eyes closed and keep scrote of the game until you get acquire three or more bonuses. At that point, you are shifted to a scene in which several coffins are presented to you. Open a coffin with a vampire inside and discover a vampire inside and in goes a steak to the heart. You keep playing and racking up points as long as you find vampires in the coffin. Once you open a coffin and it’s a non-vampire, then the bonus r We do admit, however, that the action in the bonus round leaves a bit visually to be desired. While it’s true that finding a vampire leads to a steak in the heart, the action is over quite quickly. And the coffin remains the same no matter who is inside. For the bonus rounds, we would much prefer that discovering a vampire leads to a much bigger coffin and the stake to the heart was a little bit more graphic. Another thing we did find pleasing about the game is there are multiple respins. In fact, on our first of 10 earned respins, we were granted 15 more. And our point total? After 25 respins it was 1,247! With its great, Victorian-era graphics, we found Blood suckers a great and entertaining game to play. As a consequence, we heartily recommend it as a fantastic slot game to play.

Lost Vegas

Okay, shoot me if I am wrong in your eyes but we didn’t find this post-apocalyptic Los Vegas game all that exciting. The reason that we included it is that others rave about it. To them, the superb graphics alone win the day, and yes, the graphics of these infected zombies are quite good. Where they lost me as a reviewer of the Micro casino based game is the music. Even an amateur movie maker knows that if you try to make a horror movie while blasting Rupert Holmes Pina Colada song, you lose all the effect of horror. That’s how I felt listening to the soundtrack of Lost Vegas. It’s totally modern, and totally boring, and could be used as the soundtrack for a hundred different casino games. Unlike Blood Suckers, where the music builds on the horror theme, this casino game offers me nothing when the zombies get infected. Come on there, isn’t there any type of soundtrack to imitate infection? The game does redeem itself with its blackout bonus feature and its Zombie Fish of Cash. We have to admit that the graphics are great. We particularly love Zombie Elvis and the dead showgirl. We also like that the game allows you to trigger up to 50 free spins, a feature that unfortunately we didn’t trigger. Like a slot machine, it’s a good alternative to many traditional games but we just weren’t thrilled about it.


f it’s good enough for 12 movies based on the Michael Myers Character, it’s good enough for a go at a slot machine, right. You would be correct. While Microgaming didn’t exactly tickle our fancy with Los Vegas, they did a great job on Halloween. First, there is a haunting piano solo music that sets the tone, followed by the occasional ringing of a telephone. One thing we like very much which even Blood Suckers could pay attention to is the large visuals of the central characters. This just adds to the game. We also like the bonus wheel which features an ordinary wheel that spins like on wheel of fortune, but in the background is a damsel in distress waiting to be murdered. Overall, this is really a fun, entertaining slot worth your attention if you are a fan of the movie at all. And the return to player of 96 per cent is very generous.  


Yes, dear old Vlad, the historical Dracula who killed over 80,000 people has his own slot machine. Yes, it’s not exactly historically accurate as of the real Dracula, although a despicable killer, didn’t drink blood, there is plenty of action here. Bats are flying everywhere, Dracula shaking his shoulders and shrugging a golden collar down to his waist to indicate a win and lots of bonuses. And the music is not distracting at all, but blends in with the theme. This is a great slot machine to play if you like continuous sound and action everywhere.